Manage Projects, Control Costs, Track Planned versus Actual, Work Breakdown, Skills Linkage, more!

TrackStar’s Project Tracking module is used to plan, schedule, track and cost projects. It can be used by itself, or combined with the Time Tracking, Expense Tracking, Item Tracking and/or Skills Tracking modules for a more comprehensive solution. You use TrackStar to store data about every project your organization works on, to provide a common repository for reporting, tracking and analysis.

A centralized repository for project tracking is very different. Instead of individual managers having project data on their individual workstations, the central repository is used to track costs, expenses and labor in a centralized way. You can get overall project view, but also get overall resource views not available before.

Projects are created using a wizard interface that walks you through the creation steps. You can setup TrackStar so that projects require approval from management, or can be automatically approved. Once approved, projects become available for time, expense and item tracking described below.

Projects can be defined as simple activity based projects, or can include a detailed work breakdown structure, or project plan. The project plan can be imported from Microsoft Project or created using the included interface. You are able to assign people to projects for multiple date ranges and allocation percentages, to specify employee utilization. Once employees are assigned, they can be assigned tasks within the project plan itself. TrackStar will create schedules, and estimate project completion and costs.

Material costs can be related to projects by identifying individual items and their cost. This provides the cost component of the overall project financial plan. When combined with labor and expenses, the Project Manager has a handle on overall costs.

You can attach documents to TrackStar to store project related documents in one common place. Documents, such as requirements or budget estimates are stored in the database making them available to those having authorization 7×24, worldwide.

The Time Tracking module uses projects to “bill” time. Employees can either bill time at the project level (by specifying an activity), or at the task level by selecting a detailed task. The Expense Tracking module also uses projects. Employees who have travel expenses can relate those expenses to projects, thereby giving a project manager a total view of project costs. The Item Tracker module uses projects to relate items. In an IT environment, items might be enhancement requests, bug reports, or customer issues. Again, the linkage of these modules gives the project manager a comprehensive overall view of their project.

The Project Tracking Software is a comprehensive and affordable system for managing and tracking projects. The system is 100% web based, and can be deployed as an in-house solution, or hosted by Internal Systems. Either way, all you need is a browser to run the software!

TrackStar Project Tracker can be used as a stand-alone solution, or can be integrated into a more robust Time, Expense, Item and Skills Tracking system. ISC makes it easy to add additional modules or users later. A link at the bottom of this page will take you to other product description pages.

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We began using TrackStar for tracking absences and timesheets in 2009. The program has really helped us to keep accurate and easy-to-use records. The support staff at Internal Systems has always been eager to solve our problems and offer solutions very quickly. Whenever we offer suggestions for upgrades to the system, they listen and consider them for future releases. We are very happy that our relationship with the support staff at Internal Systems makes it feel like they are part of our team.
Andrea Nesbitt

Getting Started

You access TrackStar by clicking on a browser link. The system provides multiple levels of security and encryption, so your data is safe and secure.

Each employee logs on to TrackStar using their unique ID and password. Once signed on, a menu system is presented that reflects the capabilities that have been granted each user. Though simple to use, multiple levels of help are provided to assist users if needed.

Managing Projects

The Project Tracker is used to create an entry for every project your company works on. It is a centralized repository for all project information.

The selection form is customizable, sortable, and searchable providing a convenient view to manage and maintain projects. Access is given only to those people who are granted access at the system and project level.

You can import projects either from Microsoft Project (to include a work breakdown structure), or from Excel for simple projects.

Editing Project Information

The Project Summary form is used to define the name and description of a project, as well as many other “grouping” fields. Projects can be defined by “Activity” or by “Task”. Task based projects include a work breakdown structure of the project, including resource assignment and task duration. Fields are provided for entering budget information, and a variety of other filing codes. You can add user defined fields if needed. You can associate projects with customers, define priorities, and project types.

Managing Project Costs

Often there are material costs associated with projects. TrackStar includes the ability to record these items, which provide a comprehensive view of project costs.

Resource Assignments

Employees are assigned to a project from the employee pool. A start and end date for the assignment is specified, along with an allocation percentage. Employees can be assigned to multiple projects and tasks with different percentages. A resource rate specified here can override the default billing rate for an employee.

When doing project planning, you can use roles instead of actual employee names. This helps to understand the types of resources that are needed, without assigning them until planning is complete.

Tracking Items

The project folder includes an Items tab to list items that are associated with the project. Items are created using the Item Tracking component of TrackStar, and are often used to record issues, errors, or to-do items for projects. See for more information on this module.

Clicking on an item jumps you to the one selected, for review, editing or status changes.

Managing Project Documents

Documents of any type can be linked to projects. You simply browse to a file, and then click Add to attach it. Documents are saved in the TrackStar database, making them available to anyone having TrackStar access.

Clicking on a document link will open the document with the appropriate program (word, excel, etc.)

Project Plans and Schedules

Projects can be broken down into a work breakdown structure, called tasks. Each task is given a name and duration, and is assigned to an employee. When used with the Time Tracking module, employees are able to bill time at the task level, giving project managers the in-depth information they need to manage and monitor projects.

The system includes a scheduler that can be used to generate task dates based upon scheduling rules.

Numerous reports are provided to assist in managing resources across multiple projects.

Time Analysis by Project

This report shows a sample of how time is recorded to projects, and how many hours each employee spent on each project. This makes it easy for managers to understand project costs, and to drill-down to find the detail behind them.

This report, as well as most others, can be filtered by date range, by project, by employee, and other keys. You can obtain the view you need in seconds!

Also, all reports in TrackStar are exportable to excel, making is easy to pull data out for further analysis.

Employee Allocation Summary

The Employee Allocation Summary report can be used for resource management. The report derives its data from employee assignments to projects. It gives a weekly view of employee allocation to projects, which can be used to locate available people for new projects, or to view allocation rates and issues.

A complementary Employee Allocation Detail report is provided that shows the detail behind the summary for selected employees. You can understand who is working on what and when.

Employee Allocation Detail

The Employee Allocation Detail report shows employee allocation across projects over time, You can use this report to see availability, or to see how an employee’s time is allocated.

Administration Tools

TrackStar includes a robust set of administration tools to help you configure and tailor the system. You use the admin tools to load and maintain employee, department, and various other data tables in the system. It also includes a scheduling tool that can be used to generate background jobs or tasks, such as data extracts and reports.

ToolUse To
Department MaintenanceDefine your company’s organizational structure.
Employee MaintenanceEnter and maintain the employees who use the software.
Group MaintenanceCreate groups of departments for approvals and reporting.
Report MaintenanceCreate custom reports.
Schedule MaintenanceSetup jobs to run at preset intervals.
Security MaintenanceDefine employee access to system functions.
System Preferences MaintenanceSetup operational preferences.
User Field MaintenanceDefine custom fields to extend TrackStar.
User Code MaintenanceEnter coded fields for choice lists.

Outstanding Support

ISC provides world-class support for its software. When you have a question or problem, our staff provides the answers you need, when you need them.

For ASP customers, the support fees are built-in to the monthly fee. This includes updates, phone support, and periodic enhancements. For in-house customers, our support plan is required in the first year and optional thereafter.

Support/Service Offerings
ASP Support – Included with ASP plan.
Annual Support – Offered to in-house customers.
Per-Incident Support – Provides support on a per-call basis.
Training Services – Administrative training for TrackStar.

Project Tracker Software Attributes

  • 100% web based software.
  • Available as an in-house solution or as a hosted (SaaS) service.
  • Scalable from a few users to thousands of users.
  • Highly customizable through preference settings.
  • Point-and-click interface makes learning easy.
  • Comprehensive, affordable solution.
  • Simple implementation, virtually maintenance free.

Project Tracker Software Features

  • Supports project templates to standardize common projects.
  • Supports management approval or automatic approval (by employee).
  • Includes employee resource scheduling.Includes material costing.
  • Includes software capitalization and amortization reporting.
  • Includes numerous project oriented reports.
  • Provides a full suite of administration tools for system setup and ongoing maintenance.
  • Supports imports from Microsoft Project or from a spreadsheet.
  • Supports data extract in popular formats for interfacing with other systems.
  • Interfaces with your email system for notification to managers and employees.

Features Common to all TrackStar Modules

  • Ability to automatically synchronize employee information with external systems.
  • Ability to link to Active Directory for single logon (Hosted & In-house).
  • Supports multiple cultures.
  • Supports multiple web browsers.


  • TrackStar is built using the latest Microsoft .Net technology. For in-house installs, it requires a Windows based server, with IIS and SQL Server. For ASP installs, the only thing required is a browser!


  • 100% web based. Nothing to install or purchase. Just load and go!
  • Saves money by automating manual process.
  • Improves accuracy and timeliness of customer billing.
  • Saves money by implementing your business rules to ensure your policies are adhered to.

Licensing Options

  • Learning Management System ASP is installed in ISC’s datacenter. You simply access the system from your browser, using a URL that has been registered for you. You pay a monthly ASP fee that includes support.
  • Learning Management Systems In-House is installed in your offices. You pay a one-time license fee, plus an annual maintenance fee (required in the first year, optional thereafter).

Project Tracker Pricing

TrackStar Project Tracker is priced on a per Active user basis. An active user is one who has been entered in to the application and has the ability to log on. Employees who terminate can be marked inactive, and no longer consume one of your licenses.

Project Manager licenses are typically added to an existing Time, Expense, Item or Skill Tracking installation. The cost table can be added to other licensing costs to arrive at a final cost.

Sample Pricing

ASP Price
OROne Time
In-house Price
5$101 n/a

Setup fees start at $250.  Multiple training options are also provided.   

All prices are subject to change without notice.  Please ask for a quote on your specific configuration. 

In-house price includes first year annual support.

Next Steps

  • Fill out an information request form by following the Request Information link. A sales representative will contact you and can provide additional information, and pricing specific to your configuration.
  • Request a demonstration so you can experience TrackStar first hand. ISC will guide you through the system, and point out its features and capabilities.
  • Confirm configuration, pricing and obtain approvals.
  • Review and execute our standard ASP or License agreement.
  • Begin using TrackStar!

ISC makes getting started fast and easy. A complete planning guide is provided to assist you with your data collection and policy definition tasks. Once information has been gathered, you use the administration functions of TrackStar to enter/import data. Excel templates are provided to help you organize your data and to simplify import. You can be up-and-running in a few days!Request InformationLearn about ISCLearn about other ISC ProductsVisit ISC’s home page